Building Management System (BMS)

The Leading BMS services provider in Saudi Arabia

Smart Controls Systems partners with Johnson Controls and Carrier that are the experts in Building management System and energy efficiency. The state of art technology incorporates the HVAC, lighting, fire alarm and security systems. This enables them to communicate on a single platform. Our BMS solutions allow you to take smarter decisions and achieving comfort and safety.

Smart Controls Systems partners with leading-edge technology to offer state of art Building Management System solutions in Saudi Arabia.

Through state of art solutions, we consolidate building management systems for superior access, convenience, and reliability. With less time and less effort, you benefit from enhanced building comfort, safety, security, indoor air quality, productivity, energy efficiency, cost-savings, and more.

Our Expertise in BMS

  • Reliability, designed by experts and backed by decades of engineering expertise
  • Flexible service by trained personnel
  • Controls installation and service
  • Access to reports that show trending for future forecasts and alarms
  • Easy to monitor and control

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